Thursday, 26 March 2015

EBBA Black & Whit LogoUlf Rosenberg, president of EBBA:

"One of the most exciting occasions in the world of brass bands is the Saturday Own-choice Section at the European Championships and this year we are delighted tot announce a selection of music to match any of previous years. 
In addition to some new works and other excellent pieces from the existing repertoire, five of the twelve performances we will hear will be of music that first appeared as commissions for previous European Championships, which speaks volumes for the impact the event had had in the recent years. The 2015 EBBC is already a complete sell-out, so it promises to be a very exciting event."

Own choice pieces

Audivi Media Nocte (3x) - Oliver Waespi
From Ancient Times - Jan Van der Roost
Journey of the Lone Wolf (2x) - Simon Dobson
Metropolis 1927 for Brass Band and Percussion - Peter Graham
Partita for Band - Wilfred Heaton
Symphony in two movements - Edward Gregson
Trance (2x) - Thomas Doss
Vita Aeterna Variations - Alexander Comitas 

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