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Annual General Meeting 30 April 2017

This morning the Annual General Meeting of the European Brass Band Association (EBBA) was scheduled. Present were the delegates from the member countries, the Executive Committee (EC), the Music Commission (MC), representatives from the upcoming EBBC-events (Utrecht-The Netherlands and Palanga-Lithuania).

After the agenda and the Minutes of last year’s General Meeting were settled, Ulf Rosenberg made some short remarks regarding the Annual Report and Accounts 2016. The accounts and budget for 2017 shows a healthy financial situation. EBBA still deals with the (planned) financial loss after the event in Freiburg 2015, but last year the organisation has made a profit and added to the future savings – in order to have some money saved for a rainy day.

After those remarks the annual report 2016 was accepted.

Change in Executive Committee

John Woods was elected as the new treasurere of EBBA. John W. Woods, is a self employed business consultant and project manager, experienced in finance, IT, voluntary and charity sectors. John Woods will become a full member of the Executive Committee and will get another task added to this position, looking after the sponsors contracts and work towards potential new sponsors.

The General Meeting voted unanimously for his appointment. Ulf congratulated Johan Wood and welcomed him on board of the EBBA team.

Raf Anseeuw resigns after 10 years service as EBBA Treasurer position (2007-2017). Ulf Rosenberg thanked Raf Anseeuw for his greatly valued friendship, his excellent service and all his great work for EBBA as a hard working, professional full member of the EC. “Thanks to Raf I slept well all these years. He made sure that all the finances were organized and under control.” Raf thanked EBBA, the auditors and the General Meeting and hoped to see everybody in Utrecht next year.

Short presentations from the two upcoming organizers

Utrecht - The Netherlands (28 April - 6 May 2018)

Martine Spanjers, representative of ZIMIHC, gave a short update on the organisation of the EBBC2018 event. The organisation will be using two halls of Tivoli Vredenburg (concert hall 1.700 seats – Championship & EYBBC), ZIMIHC theatre Zuilen (220 seats – soloist competition), Tivoli/Vredenburg, Hertz (550 seats – soloist finals). “We are right on schedule!. Martine followed by introducing her team Utrecht EBBC2018:

- Wolter Lommerde (general event manager)
- Edwin Hijman (executive producer)
- Erik Baas (band logistics and volunteers)
- Lies Rubingh (marketing and communication)
- Tamara Visser (all the hospitality and bands) 

… and mentioned the launch of a Facebook page and an event website

Ulf thanked Martine for her presentation and informed the Meeting that EBBA representatives will visit Utrecht in June, October plus January and March next year for milestone meetings and preparations of the EBBC 2018.


Palanga - Lithuania

The representative of Palanga, Lithuania, Victoria Puidoke, gave a visual presentation about Palanga, informing the Meeting about the activities that are scheduled this year in and around the new concert hall. The EBBA suggested – after visiting Palanga, Lithuania last year - to make some improvements of the hall. These improvements should all be realised at the end of May – the delegation of the EC is visiting the venue again and hopefully the contracts will be signed soon afterwards.

The Palanga presentation ended with the quote: “Let’s become a part of the history. Let’s welcome the EBBC for the first time to the new Europe.”

EBBA is also prepared to sign a contract for EBBC 2020 in Cardiff, Wales, and this could hopefully happen just after this summer/early autumn.


Future events

EBBA received formal interest from:

- Linz (Austria)
- Montreux (Switzerland)
- Malmö (Sweden)
- Stavanger (Norway)


Raf and JOhn Raf & Ulf

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