Sunday, 3 May 2015

This morning (3 May 2015) a General Meeting of the European Brass Band Association (EBBA) was scheduled. Present were all the delegates representing the EBBA member countries, the Executive Committee (EC), the Music Commission (MC) and auditors. Representatives from the upcoming EBBC-events were also present, and a representative from Germany, as the country’s band movement is working on forming a German brass band federation to become a new EBBA member.

After the agenda of the General Meeting was settled, a representative of Lille - being the host of the 2016 EBBC-event - gave a short update. The event will run in the last weekend of April, ending on 1 May 2016. If people are interested to see and experience banding in the hall in Lille, they can visit the French Nationals held on 16 and 17 January 2016.

Candidacy 2019/2020 – Cardiff (Wales) and Palanga (Lithuania)

There has been a long tradition with banding in Wales, linked with the industrial development. That tradition is completely different in comparison with the former eastern european country Lithuania. Two different brass backgrounds, but - as Ulf Rosenberg, President of EBBA mentioned - high time to go back to Wales, where the EBBC was held last time in 1992. And also high time that the Europeans, as being a travelling event, would be able to settle in Lithuania.

On behalf of the EC Ulf Rosenberg requested approval for a mandate given to the Executive Committee to continue and complete the negotiations for EBBC in Lithuania and Wales in 2019/2020 plus to get clarification when and were the event will be hosted. This mandate was given by unanimous vote and we will keep you updated on the progress on the EBBA website.  

Both Wales and Palanga mad promising presentations.

Change in Executive Committee

Another topic on the agenda was the change of composition of the EBBA's EC-formation. Kurt W. Bohlhalter, Vice-President, was not standing for re-election. Former contest controller and delegate for Switzerland, Michael Zoppas, was nominated by the Swiss federation and was unanimously elected. The EBBA will now have to look for another contest controller. Both President Ulf Rosenberg and treasurer Raf Anseeuw were re-elected and appointed for another term.  

After the official part of the meeting, Ulf Rosenberg thanked Kurt for the enormous amount of work he has done for the EBBA, his fantastic network that he used for fund raising/sponsoring business and preparations for the Freiburg event - and also his friendship and dedication. “If it wasn’t for Kurt”, Ulf Rosenberg said, “we wouldn’t have been in Freiburg this weekend.“ Kurt will continiue to look after EBBAs sponsoring contracts as an advisor, but not as an committee member.

Furthermore past General Secretary Carsten Hering Nielsen, who resigned in June last year after two years in the position, received thanks for his work and commitment to EBBA.


The upcoming EBBC’s are:

-   Lille, France 2016

-   Oostende, Belgium 2017

-   Utrecht, Netherlands 2018

Palanga, Lithuania and Cardiff, Wales are candidates for 2019/2020


      kurt & ulf - GM 

                 Ulf Rosenberg & Kurt W. Bohlhalter

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