Thursday, 27 April 2017

Thursday 27 April 2017 at 15.00: delegates meeting of the European Brass Band Association at De Grote Post in Oostende


EBBA President Ulf Rosenberg – after welcoming everybody at the informal delegates meeting - started by making a huge compliment to the excellent work of the Vlamo team. “After being here for four days I dare to say that we are dealing with one of the best-prepared events ever.” Tim Van Moorhem, event manager EBBC 2017 and working for VLAMO was invited into this meeting and spoke about the event. Special about the Belgian event is that the City of Oostende is also collaborating with EBBC2017. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday several brassbands, mostly from Belgium but also from Scotland and Germany will play on the band stand of the Wapenplein. This outside programme makes the event visible in town.

You can find the information about the outside programming on the event website.


Kor Niehof, EBBA General Secretary gave an update on the EYBB and how they grew in the few days that they have been together. The band manager Isabelle Vermeersch and conductor Raf Van Looveren are doing a great job.

Ulf Rosenberg likes to focus on the future. EBBA hope to sign the Palanga, Lithuania contract before the Summer for EBBC2019. Hopefully also the contract with Cardiff 2020 will be signed after the Summer.

The EBBC event is interesting and popular for an organising country looking at all the shown interest. There is serious interest from Malmö (Sweden), from Stavanger (Norway), Montreux (Switzerland), Linz (Austria).

Every delegate was asked to update on their own association. Every assocation is dealing with their challenges or changes but the general conclusion is that that basically every association still puts a focus on the youth development in their country. And when there is youth there is a future!

At the end of the meeting the organisation from Lille (EBBC2016) gave a financial review on last year’s event.

Later this week – on Sunday morning 30 April 2017 - the annual EBBA General Meeting is scheduled.


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