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EBBA and the Rotterdam Brass Festival gladly present the composer of the test piece for the B- section EBBC 2012 (Rotterdam): Joop van Dijk. Entitled "Light in the Darkness" it has been commissioned by the EBBA for the B -section of the European Brass Band Championships 2012 in Rotterdam with support of Kunstfactor (Utrecht)

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As a composer Joop van Dijk specialises in composing and arranging for brass band, wind band and fanfare band. A lot of his works have been used as test pieces in national and international championships and were recorded on compact disc. Since 2006, the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy commissioned and premiered many of his works for wind band as ‘Night watch in Tivoli', ‘The Great Dutchman', ‘The Admiral's prelude', ‘All for the banner' and only recently ‘Prelude on the navy hymn'.
Light in the Darkness
‘Light in the darkness' is his latest work for brass band. It is the second test piece Joop van Dijk has written for the European Brass Band Championships. In 1997 he wrote ‘Fantasy for brass band' for the B-Section of the EBBC in Kerkrade. Joop van Dijk is also composer in residence with Brass Band Schoonhoven. This brass band only recently recorded his ‘Fantasy for brass band' and ‘Prelude for a hero' on cd. Two other compositions for brass band, ‘A nightingale still singing' and ‘Celebration' were used as test pieces for the Dutch National Championships. ‘The standing tower', commissioned by Delta Brass under the baton of Luc Vertommen, was used as a test piece for the 2009 World Music Contest.
Joop van Dijk (Utrecht, 1961) has studied tuba, contrabass trombone and conducting at the Utrecht Conservatory from 1978 to 1984. Since 1980 he has worked as a free-lance tuba and contrabass trombone player with all the Dutch symphony orchestras. He also was a member of the famous Schönberg Ensemble, the ASKO Ensemble and the Dutch Brass Sextet. Since 1987 he is a member of the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy.

Introduction by the composer
In 2010  I was commissioned by the Rotterdam Brass Festival Foundation to write the test piece for the B - Division of the European Brass Band Championships 2012 which are to be held in The Doelen in Rotterdam.
For the main theme of this test piece I have used a hymn tune I wrote during a sleepless night in the spring of 2011. Looking out of the window of my study room while composing this hymn tune I realised that the only light in that dark night was coming from my study. The title of the test piece ‘Light in the darkness' refers to this moment.
The main theme of ‘Light in the darkness' starts in bar 120. It is the hymn tune I have written in that dark night (with the title ‘Night hymn'). The rest of this test piece consists of little variations on this theme.


Joop van Dijk - Light in the Darkness



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