Friday, 29 April 2016


As announced in the article on Monday Erik Janssen would give an update on the 'partnership' between himself and the musicians of the European Youth Brass Band.

"We have a fantastic interaction. I think that the musicians work almost unearthly hard. And the level is increasing every day. I don't want to peak too early. It has to be a build up towards Saturday evening."

On stage you can see and in the hall you can feel the enthusiasm of all the youngsters. After the concert and during the reception you only see happy faces. They seem to be a real team.

"We are", maestro Janssen says. "We have some Michael Schumachers in the band, but without the staff that changes the tires, we would never be this great team. Everyone is equally important!"  

"Monday after the first concert some musicians were crying and saying that this was the best concert ever! I told them to stop crying and wait with their tears untill Saturday. 'After the Gala Concert you are allowed to cry and say that you gave the best concert ever!' At the moment we are in the process of building up the level. I can't wait to perform on Saturday evening at the Gala Concert! " 

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