Thursday, 20 March 2014

The European Brass Band Association is committed to its overall aim: to further and promote the intrinsic, aesthetic and social values of brass bands in Europe

In support of that aim, EBBA will support a "European Brass Band Challenge Competition".
EBBA believes the event should:

Challenge the competing bands to prepare for and participate in the event so that they may improve their musical abilities

Challenge the competing bands that are not qualified through a national contest to experience a well organised competitive event

Aim and Purpose
The aim and purpose of the European Brass Band Challenge Competition is:
"Through the provision of an international competitive environment for brass bands from Europe that are not yet able to participate in the European Brass Band Championship competition:

  1. Promote the values of the brass band movement across Europe
  2. Develop the standards of competition performance of participating brass bands.
  3. Improve the repertoire of brass band music.
  4. Inspire non-EBBA member countries who wish to establish national championships, preferably within a national band organisational structure.

Qualification and invitation process
The Competition will be open in the following priority order to:
1. bands from EBBA member organisations qualified through a national championships and who do not wish to compete in the Championship section.
2. bands from EBBA member countries appointed by the member organisations (i.e. not qualifying through a national championships) and who do not wish to compete in the Championship section.
3. bands from non-EBBA member countries that have an established brass band championships but with no national band organisation.
4. bands from non-EBBA member countries with an existing band organisation but no established brass band championships.
5. bands from non-EBBA member countries with neither an existing band organisation nor an established brass band championships.

The above priority order will come into effect by implementing the following entry procedure:

a) bands are invited and a press release announcing that invites have been issued by June 15th in the year prior to the event.

b) applications and nominations to enter will be considered and prioritised by EBBA by September 1st .

c) should there be any remaining vacant slots a new round of invitations and nominations will be communicated by EBBA with a deadline of October 1st

d) after that date, any remaining vacant slots will be filled on a first-come first-served basis.

e) EBBA reserve the right to issue an invitation to an appropriate grade of band from the host country.
Operating rules/guidance for participating bands

The operating rules for the competition will be decided in conjunction with the existing EBBA Regulations but will include:
a)  Participants in the competition should play a set piece of music, preferably newly commissioned, of around ten minutes duration (EBBA should seek to secure the best promising composers for this commission) plus music of their own choosing (bands should exclude "difficult" test pieces from the Championship Section).

b) The maximum playing time including applause shall be 30 minutes

c)  Participants will be awarded points for their performances. Separate points will be awarded for the performances of the set piece, and the own choice element. The overall result will be based on the total of the marks awarded, and the decision weighted in favour of the performance of the set piece.

d) Invitations shall be issued in accordance with the entry procedure in order to maximise the number of participants, and to provide participants with a suitable period of time to raise the necessary funds.

e)  EBBA shall make efforts to minimize the costs to participants through, for example, setting realistic entry fees.

f)  Local organisers shall make efforts to minimize the costs to participants through, for example, negotiating favourable accommodation rates.

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