Saturday, 1 May 2010

Full Result from 2010 European
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B Section Winner - 20100501231936.jpg
B section Winner Austrian Brass Band

Results 2010 European Championships - Linz Austria        
      TP Test Piece - OC Own Choice      
Band Country Conductor TP OC Total  
Cory Band Wales Doctor Robert Childs 98 98 196 1
Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Norway Prof. David King 97 97 194 2
Brassband Oberoesterreich Austria Hannes Buchegger 96 95 191 3
Black Dyke Band England Dr Nicholas J. Childs 94 96 190 4
Brass Band Buizingen Belgium Luc Vertommen 95 94 189 5
Valaisia Brass Band Switzerland Arsène Duc 93 91 184 6
Brassband De Wâldsang Holland Rieks van der Velde 91 92 183 7
Brass Band Nord Pas-de-Calais France Russel GRAY 90 88 178 8
Concord Brass Band Denmark Michael Howley 88 89 177 9
Bon Accord Silver Band Scotland John Maines 86 90 176 10
Best Soloist Black
Dyke Richard Marshall
Results B Section            
      Points Place    
Austrian Brass Band Uni Arts Graz Austria Prof. Uwe Köller 94 1    
3ba concert band Germany Franz Matysiak 92 2    
brass band oberschwaben-allgäu e.V. Germany Peter Schmid 91 3    
Brass Band Wipptal Italy Martin Gruber 90 4    
Swedish Youth Brass Band Sweden Berit Palmquist 89 5    
Töölö Brass Finland Sami Hannnla 83 6    
Soloist Award - Austrian Brass Band Stefan Hausleber Solo Cornet            
Music Performed in B Section All Bands in B section play Test Piece       
   'Up My Alley' by Albin Zaininger plus their own programme choice
Brass Band Wipptal - Italy Intrada from Suite Montreux by Franz Cibulka      
  Canterbury Choral by Jan Van der Roost        
  Flight of Liberty by Mario Burki        
Austrian Brass Band - Austria Trittico for Brass Band by James Curnow      
Töölö Brass The Year of the Dragon by Philip Sparke        
  Rhapsody in Brass by Dean Goffin        
3BA Brass Band - Germany Extreme Makeover by Johan de Meij        
  Summon the Dragon by Peter Graham        
brass band oberschwaben-allgäu e.V.  Horrizons by Paul Lovatt-Cooper        
Germany Music for Battle Creek by Philip Sparke        
Swedish Youth Brass Band - Sweden Festivity by Leslie Condon        
  Masque by Kenneth Hesketh        
Championship Section - own choice music performed        
Band Country Music Performed        
Black Dyke Band England Red Priest by Philip Wilby      
Cory Band Wales A Tale As Yet Untold by Philip Sparke    
Brassband Oberoesterreich Austria From Ancient Times by Jan Van der Roost    
Bon Accord Silver Band Scotland St Magnus by Kenneth Downie      
Brass Band Nord Pas-de-Calais France Harmony Music by Philip Sparke      
Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag Norway Concerto Grosso by Derek Bourgeois    
Valaisia Brass Band Switzerland Vienna Nights by Philip Wiliby      
Concord Brass Band Denmark Music of the Spheres by Philip Sparke    
Brass Band Buizingen Belgium Earthrise by Nigel Clarke        
Brassband De Wâldsang Holland Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Peter Graham  

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