Sunday, 1 May 2016


This morning a General Meeting of the European Brass Band Association (EBBA) was scheduled. Present were the delegates from the member countries, the Executive Committee (EC), the Music Commission (MC), representatives from the upcoming EBBC-events (Oostende-Belgium, Utrecht-The Netherlands, Palanga-Lithuania and Cardiff-Wales) and also representatives from Germany and Italy, being candidates as new member of the Association. A special welcome goes to Henrik Lutzen, delegate from Denmark, who is present for the first time.

After the agenda and the Minutes of last year’s General Meeting were settled, Ulf Rosenberg made some short remarks regarding the Annual Report and Accounts 2015. EBBA organized the EBBC-event in Freiburg for the first time. The EBBA organisation has be saving funds ‘for rainy days’ – the loss that was made last year was calculated for. The higher travel costst is not a normal amount – this is due to running the event ourselves and being more often present on location. It would be ideal for the EBBA delegation to be present at all national contests, but due to the limited budget this is not possible.

A separate report on the Freiburg project accounts that was presented at the Delegate Meeting last Thursday will be provided by Ulf Rosenberg for all the delegates. After those remarks the annual report 2015 was accepted.

New members

The new member Germany (Ida König) gave a short recap, telling that Germany is in development having 8 bands in het highest division next week. Next week – during the German Nationals – a new Federation will be formed. Germany got a dispensation from the EBBA Rules to participate in the European Championship section, as they are soon to become full members.

The new member Italy – President Lito Fontana - gave a presentation. There are now 4 members in the Italian Federation. Also Italy shows positive developments. New bands are formed.

After the updates both Germany and Italy are now new members of the European Brass Band Association.


Short presentations from the four upcoming organizers

Oostende - Belgium

The event will run from 22 – 30 April 2017 in the Kursaal in Oostende. There is another hall for the side events called ‘De Grote Post’ for the Conductor Contest. It is the newest concert hall in Belgium. As an extra event Oostende plan to organize an outdoor festival on two locations next to the Kursaal.

Palanga - Lithuania

The Lithuanian delegation, including the Mayor of Palanga, updated all on the last years developments. The new concert hall with 2200 seats is finished, new international flight lines have been established to Palanga, a new hotel is being built and new small facilities next to the concert hall are being planned. An EBBA delegation visited Palanga and the new hall in November.

Utrecht - The Netherlands

The venues of the event are Tivoli Vredenburg (concert hall 1.700 seats – Championship & EYBBC), ZIMIHC theatre Zuilen (220 seats – soloist competition), Tivoli/Vredenburg, Hertz (550 seats – soloist finale) and the Conservatory.

Cardiff - Wales

The event will run in 2020. The contract between EBBA and Cardiff have not been signed yet, but this will be only a matter of time. Shakira Mahabir can inform that the Government as well as the City of Cardiff or happy to support it. “We are on track!”


Change in Music Committee

Ulf informs that the search for a new treasurer has not been successfull yet. Raf Anseeuw stays on untill a replacement is found. There will be a telephone meeting regarding this. The delegates were informed about this already on Thursday.

Joe Cassells steps down as member of the Music Committee. Paul Hindmarsh has been nominated as Chairman and accepted this new role. Paul Hindmarsh will the also automatically be amember of the Execitive Committee. Paul Hindmarsh was voted in unanimously. The president welcomed Paul Hindmarsh as a full member of the EBBA team.

Ulf Rosenberg thanks Joe Cassells for his greatly valued friendship and all his great work for EBBA. “We see in Joe an extremely reliable person. He is always clear in his communication and actions. Because of his contribution to the Music Committee we have been able to be contributing in fantastic new commisioned test pieces in the international brass band repertoire.” For Joe it is an ‘au revoir’. He will stay in the scene and will see everybody in Oostende, Utrecht, Palanga, Wales, Montreux etc.


New MC         Joe and Ulf

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