Friday, 2 March 2018

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The European Brass Band Association is pleased to announce the adjudicators for the European Brass Band Championships, the European Soloist Competition and the European Youth Brass Band Contest to be held in Utrecht, Netherlands, the first week in May 2018

The Championship Section set test-piece and Challenge Section will be judged by Jan de Haan (Netherlands), Russell Gray (Scotland) and Joseph Parisi (USA), while Blaise Héritier (Switzerland), Erik Janssen (Netherlands) and Ian Porthouse (England) will sit in judgement of Saturday’s Championship own-choice section. 

Judges for the European Soloist Competition will be Martin Winter (England / Norway), Simone Rebello (England) and Tormod Flaten (Norway), with Erik Janssen joining the panel for the final on Thursday 3 May. The European Youth Brass Band Competition (6 May) will see Rieks van der Velde (Netherlands) and Katrina Marzella Wheeler (Scotland) judging the bands in both the Premier and Development sections.

Paul Hindmarsh, Chair of the EBBA Music Commission, commented: “The EBBA Music Commission is pleased to have been able to score the services of some of the foremost composers, conductors, performers and educators in the international brass band community to sit on the judging panels in Utrecht. Their gifts and skills are widely admired and they bring with them many years of experience at the top of the banding world and beyond.”

European Soloist Competition 

Martin Winter (England / Norway)
Simone Rebello (England) 
Tormod Flaten (Norway) 
Erik Janssen (Netherlands) (only final) 

Set test piece Championship Section / Challenge Section: 

Jan de Haan (Netherlands) 
Russell Gray (Scotland) 
Joseph Parisi (USA) 

Own choice piece Championship Section:

Blaise Héritier (Switzerland)
Erik Janssen (Netherlands) 
Ian Porthouse (England) 

European Youth Brass Band Contest:

Rieks van der Velde (Netherlands) 
Katrina Marzella Wheeler (England) 
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