Tuesday, 22 December 2015

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The European Brass Band Association (EBBA) is pleased to announce the following appointments:


Music Commission

Paul HindmarshEBBA's Executive Committee has appointed Paul Hindmarsh, England, as a new member of the EBBA Music Commission. Paul replaces Preben Nørgaard Christensen, Denmark, who sadly passed away following a road accident earlier this year. We are delighted that a musician of Paul's stature will be joining the Music Commission of the European Brass Band Association. As well as having a great knowledge of brass band repertoire, his work as a performer, producer, publisher and editor, makes him the right person to fill this important role. For more information:


European Contest Controller

Matt PillerEBBA's Executive Committee has appointed Matt Piller, Switzerland, as the new European Contest Controller. Matt is currently having a similar role at the splendidly well organized Swiss Brass Band Championships in Montreux, and we are happy that he will bring this experience to the EBBC. Matt is succeeding Michael Zoppas who became the organization’s Vice President following the Annual General Meeting at the European Brass Band Championships 2015 in Freiburg. 


Conductor European Youth Brass Band

Erik closeFollowing his victory at the Belgian National Championships with Brass Band Buizingen, Luc Vertommen will no longer be available to conduct the European Youth Brass Band (EYBB) in Lille. The French organizers of the 2016 European Championships have appointed Dutch conductor Erik Janssen to take his place. We are proud to have such an excellent conductor to take over the responsibility for the prestigious EYBB. Click for more information. 

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