Wednesday, 5 May 2010

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Berit Palmquist from Sweden, new member of EBBA Executive Committee and Alan Edmond from
Scotland, new Executive Member and President of the Music Commission.

On behalf of EBBA I am very happy to announce the election of two new members of the EBBA team:
Berit Palmquist, Sweden, member of the EBBA executive committee
Alan Edmond, president of EBBA Music Commission and member of the executive committee.

They are elected for four years. "We have two new very competent and enthusiastic persons on the EBBA team and I am looking forward to work with them", says Ulf Rosenberg, EBBA president.

Alan and Berit - you can forward this to relevant magazines and web sites in your countries.

On behalf of EBBA
Ulf Rosenberg

/download.php?id=22 CV Alan Edmonds

/download.php?id=23 CV Berit Palmquist

As we welcome Berit and Alan, we say thanks to Peter Fraser who has served on the Executive for the past 8 years and at the Annual EBBA Meeting on Sunday 2nd May Peter was presented with an original art print by a Norwegian artist by President Ulf Rosenberg. Peter will continue looking after the EBBA website for the present.
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