Saturday, 2 May 2015


EBBC in Freiburg is enjoying completely sold out events with eager audiences from all over Europe.

EBBA is organizing the Freiburg event on its own, with local organisers taking the full responsibility of the event.  “Everything is at our own risk and therefore we have nobody to blame if something goes wrong.” Rosenberg thanked the Swiss organisation for helping, also all delegates and members of the EBBA-team. He made a special thanks to Kurt Bohlhalter for the preparations he has made during the last year, and the Norwegian Band Federation for offering the services of event manager Berit Handegard who is running the the whole thing especially together with EBBA general secretary Kor Niehof who has had a big work load over the last months.

The EBBC is a travelling event, being hosted in different brass countries, experiencing a different character, getting in touch with another culture and local flavours, without changing the contest itself - very important for what the EBBA ideas stand for.

Because the main purpose of EBBA is to build a brass movement/family, the Brass Night Party on Saturday will have a free entrance, giving everybody of this brass family the opportunity to meet each other after the contest. For those who already paid their ticket, there will be of course a refund.

Being in Germany for the second time is a good thing, experiencing a band movement that is growing. And there have been made steps so far to form a German brass band federation in the near future.

Ulf Rosenberg tells about the application EBBA sent in to get EU Funding. The Association was very close on receiving money for a 4 years project for with audience development as an important element. The EBBA application met the different criterias, but did not get high enough score to be finally approved – by a very small margin. EBBA is now on a waiting list. If another project drops out, there might be a change that EBBA will get the support afterall. In the meanwhile EBBA is taking a good read on the comments and makes new decisions from there – it we shall submit a new application together with the partner countries (the upcoming EBBC hosting countries; France, Belgium, the Netherlands).

Next competitions:

2016 - Lille is signed and contracted.

When Ulf Rosenberg first visited the French nationals many years ago, he could not see them as a possible European candicate. “But look at them now”, he said – “it is now completely different. The bands participating in the Championship Section but also in the 1st Section all have a high standard of playing. I have attended the French Nationals in Lille in January 2015. The organisation of the event was absolutely fine, the hall is excellent. So, we are very looking forward to that contest. Make sure however you order your tickets in time, since Freiburg was sold out withing 4 days!”

2017 – Oostende (Belgium)

We have good memories of the event in Oostende 2009. Now they are preparing for their next.

2018 – Utrecht (The Netherlands). The contest will be held in their recently renovated hall.

The candidates for 2019 and 2020 are Palanga (Lithuania) and Cardiff (Wales).

-It is on high time that EBBC goes to a former “East Europe” country, and that EBBC returns to Wales were we have not been since 1992.

Further the EBBA has received a letter from the Swedish Association in which they show interest in organizing the event in Malmö. But that will probably be for after 2020.


On Sunday the 3rd of May there will be a EBBA general meeting. Reports on the meeting outcome will be on this website.


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