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Press conference EBBA & Opening Ceremony 29 April 2016 – EBBC2016


“France, one of the ‘new’ brass contries, is the host of the EBBC for the first time. France, a country where the quality and amount of bands increases quickly. The French organisation did a tremendous job towards the organisation of this event of which the EBBA is very thankful.”, says Ulf Rosenberg, President of the EBBA at the press conference and Opening Ceremony on 29 April 2016.

 Ulf at press conference 2016


Summary of points mentioned at the press conference

-      This is the 9th event – since 2008 – that we have a sold out brass weekend. There willperhaps be a single ticket left for the Friday evening, the Saturday is over sold out and the gala more than sold out. Still there are tickets available for the Youth Brass Band contest on Sunday. 

-       The future looks good. We are close to signing contracts with Palanga, Lithuania, for EBBC in 2019 and Cardiff, Wales, for 2020. We received a Letter of Interest from Malmö (Sweden) and will this weekend have a meeting with their delegation. Aslo Stavanger (Norway) and Montreux (Switzerland) have showed an informal interest. 

-       The weekend after the European event and during the National contest in Germany, a German Federation is going to be founded. Another new brass band country that is growing and exploring. Germany and Italy will become new members of EBBA, voted in at the General Meeting Sunday morning. We are very pleased to see how the brass band movement is growing in several countries. For example Lithuania; they are at this years event with three bands, one in the Challenge Section and two in the Youth band contest, and three good participants in the soloist competition.

-       Ulf Rosenberg tells about the failing EU-application sent in by EBBA. “Our biggest issue for not getting funding, is the success we already have. But … we are not running this great event for getting funding, but to develop the content.”

-       The Freiburg event has cost EBBA € 20.000 - that amount of loss was expected and accounted for.

-       There will be some changes within the EBBA organisation. Joe Cassells will resign – Paul Hindmarsch will take over the roll as Chairman of the Music Committee. We are looking for a new Treasurer. More about this in the Annual Meeting that is scheduled for Sunday 1 May at 08.00.

-       In 2017 we are working with the Belgians that were in the organisation in 2002 and 2009. They have the experience already there to organize that edition. Last year’s event was sold out within four days. This year’s event in only four hours. “The hall in Ostend is bigger than Le Nouveau Siècle, but the interest is high so we expect also next year to have a big crowd.”


From the opening ceremony

“Since we were together last year in Freiburg, Europe has been facing some big challenges. In Lille’s neighborhood, in Paris and Brussels, they have experienced in-human actions from terrorists. All over Europe we see the challenges with increasing numbers of refugees from war areas, and a parallel migration crisis.

All this points in different directions and calls for different political solutions, however it has one core thing in common: the need for a strong civil society with well functioning volunteer organisations at all levels; local, national and European. It calls for attention to our cultural heritage. It is important to build cultural networks throughout Europe with arenas for people to meet, exchange ideas and create and maintain friendships. Relations and understanding will never go out of fashion. To continue to maintain and develop this is the band movements moral imperative.”

For EBBA the main goal is to develop the content and be an inspiration to others.


Have a great contest weekend!


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