Thursday, 12 May 2016


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Problems with the livestream at EBBC in Lille

During the recent European Brass Band Championships (EBBC) in Lille France, the recording and filming by World of Brass, plus the livestreaming of the event by, were subject to a series of major setbacks. 

World of Brass acquired the exclusive rights for filming and recording of the EBBC from the European Brass Band Association (EBBA) since 2003, while it has for the past two years subcontracted the rights for livestreaming of the event to, a company based in The Netherlands. 

Speaking on behalf of, Johan Talman commented:

“It is important that the unfortunate incidents experienced during the weekend are brought to light in order to clarify the disturbances during the livestream for our viewers around the world. Recording equipment was stolen from the World of Brass van during the night before the event. This problem was solved during the day through the outstanding efforts of World of Brass personnel and local sound engineers, but during the third band in the Championship Section on Saturday 30 April, our Internet connection was terminated abruptly when a communication cable was cut backstage in what appears to have been a deliberate act. There was also an attempt to cut through World of Brass’s cables, which caused problems with the microphones. At the same time on the Saturday, the company hosting the Hafabralivestream website experienced a serious cyberattack through a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS).”


Johan Talman continued: “To allow our subscribers to be able to follow the livestream, the best solution was to establish a new and free link for the rest of the event. World of Brass later made it possible for us to replay the bands that had been interrupted during this unfortunate episode. did not have the rights for these recordings and footage, and we are therefore very grateful for this decision."


EBBA President Ulf Rosenberg, commented: “We are very sorry for the inconvenience experienced by the livestream viewers, EBBA’s Principal Partner World of Brass and its partner during the event. We were pleased that the quick and flexible decisions made at the time provided a solution for the viewers.”


The performances of the bands in the Championships Section are now available for download and the CD and DVD (due for release in September) can all be ordered on

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