Friday, 29 April 2011

Winner - Erik van de Kolk - Netherlands - European Conductors Champion 2011

2nd - Tristan Uth - Germany

3rd - Nick Ost - Belgium

Thanks to Iwan Fox for report & Ian Clowes for Photograph'sECC Winner 2011 - 20110429212937.jpg
Winner 2011 - Erik Van der Kolk (Netherlands)

ECC Conductors in Final - 20110429212857.jpg
Three Finalist in European Conductors Competition

The first European title was decided last night when Erik Van der Kolk from The Netherlands won the 5th European Conductor's Competition. His concise, compact style brought a fine performance out of Brass Band Fribourg on Holst's ‘A Moorside Suite' to pick up a trio of awards that amounted to 4,000 Euro in prize money.

The 25 year old won the audience prize, the band prize and the overall jury prize - not bad work if you can get it, although the actual trophy he received for his efforts still looked like one of those plastic darts efforts you get for winning the mixed doubles down the local Dog & Duck pub.

He is a conductor to keep an eye out for though - he is already directing Brass Band Rijnmond, so is no real novice. He has a very bright banding future ahead of him.

Still, there was plenty to celebrate long into the small hours of the Montreux night, although there wasn't much left of it after the European Youth Band gave an enjoyable, but very long second half of the concert before the announcement of the results.

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