Wednesday, 20 April 2016

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It is less than a week before the start of the 39th European Brass Band Championships in Lille. It will be once more a great event where people from all over Europe will meet and listen to the very best Brass Bands in the world.

Due to the changed situation in Europe, with recent terroristic attacks in both Brussels and Paris, EBBA is in close contact with the local French organizers to keep everybody updated about security standards, how to handle them and to take necessary precautions.

France has been for several years under the Vigipirate Security Standards. Following the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, the Vigipirate regulations are at the highest possible level. This means that all persons travelling to Lille can expect controls of identities and luggage in all public spaces as well at airports, train stations and public buildings at all time.

It is therefore recommended to check at your place of departure the conditions and most up-to-date status and circumstances at your destination.

Concerning the competitions during the EBBC and his side events in Lille which will take place in Conservatoires in the region of Nord Pas de Calais and Nouveau Siècle (which are considered as private ven-ues), the local organizing committee of the Eurofestival 2016 strongly recommend everybody to allow sufficient time to access the different venues. At the entrances you can expect strict control of bags and cases, which will take time. 

Please have always your passport or ID-card available, as you will be asked to show it at any possible time.

Given these constraints it is advised to make proper arrangements to arrive on time and also follow strictly the local rules and regulations.

Looking forward to a very successful event regardless these security measures.

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