Saturday, 30 April 2016

Today (30 April) at 09.00 the competition of the Challenge Section starts at Le Nouveau Siècle. 6 bands will give their interpretation of the test piece written by Rodolphe Schacher.


Rodolphe Schacher (1973), a Swiss resident but form Paris born. He is an experienced composer of orchestral and chamber music. His studies at the Paris Conservatoire resulted in five first prizes.

Rodolphe describes Samson as a symphonic poem in the tradition of the descriptive works of Liszt and Richard Strauss. However, his musical language is much more of our own time. While much of the music of Samson is moderatley paced, the works many short sections will require considerable finesse in maintaining the musical flow. There are also a number of metrically intricate passages for divisi cornets to be negotiated. The biblical account from the Book of Judges in the Old Testament of the Bible, tells us that Samson was given supernatural strenght by God in order to combat his enemies. Samson had two vulnerabilities: his attraction to untrustworthy women – of which his love for Delilah became fatal - and his hair, without which he was powerless.




Rodolphe describes his musical interpretation as follows:

“My music follows the major events in Samson’s life as described in the biblical story – belief, heroism, love, betrayal, and revenge – through a number of thematisch transformations. Samson’s incredible power, set against his frailties and loneliness are obvious sources of inspiration in revealing the many facets and colours of the brass band. While the musical language of the piece stretches the conventions of tonality, the principal themes are clearly stated and recognisable. They then evolve as the piece unfolds to inject the throughout the piece to bring the story to life.”


The own-choice pieces to be performed include: 

- A London Overture (Philip Sparke
- Abaddon 'The Dark Angel' (Kevin Houben)
- Blackout (Thomas Doss)
- Glorifico Aeternum (Dean Jones)
- Rhapsody in Brass (Dean Goffin)
- The Saga of Tyrfing (Jacob Vilhelm Larsen)


Adjudicators : Michael Bach (Switzerland), Michael Forsyth (Australië) and Fabrice Millischer (France)


The draw will be published shortly after 09.00. 

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