Thursday, 7 January 2016

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EBBA is pleased to announce the set test pieces of the 39th European Brass Band Championships (EBBC), to be held in the French city of Lille at the end of April 2016


Championship Section


The piece for the Championship Section is “Fraternity” by Thierry Deleruyelle. It consists of seven sections played as a single, continuous whole. It takes its inspiration from one of the most significant events in the history of coal mining – the disaster of Courrieres, near Lens in northern France, the largest mining disaster in European history that took place in 1906.
Please click here for the CV of Thierry Deleruyelle. 



Challenge Section


The piece for the Challenge Section is “Samson” by Rodolphe Schacher. Described by the composer as a “Symphonic Poem for brass band”, it draws on aspects of the Old Testament character of Samson, putting to music his various adventures and exploring the major themes of belief, heroism, love, betrayal and revenge.
Please click here for the CV of Rodolphe Schacher or for the English version here.



As per the EBBA rules, the pieces will be made available to the bands at least eight weeks prior to the date of the Championships.


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