Friday, 9 March 2018

The European Brass Band Association is pleased to announce that the European Brass Band Championships 2023 will be held in Stavanger, Norway.

A Letter of Intent was signed this week between European Brass Band Association and the Norwegian Band Federation (NMF) regarding the event. EBBC was also held in Stavanger in 2008, but five years ago the city got a new concert hall. The EBBA executive committee made a site visit to the hall during the Siddis Brass contest in November 2016 and was impressed by the hall, other facilities and organisation.

The agreement between EBBA and NMF was announced during a dinner event in Stavanger Concert Hall held by the Stavanger Region Congress Bureau to celebrate the different conferences, exhibitions, festivals, championships and cultural and sports events that have been secured to the region for future years. Each host organisation or driving person behind the event was given an ambassador title, including EBBA and its president Ulf Rosenberg. The events coming up in Stavanger are very different, from the World Championships in curling, Ferrari owners Nordic gathering, scientific and academic conferences in topics like Emperical Study of Litterature and Middle English, and technical and political events like the European Gas Conference and an international conference for modern Port and Logistics management and Cruise ships.

The audience at yesterdays event were excited to learn that the EBBC this year is again practically sold out, like it has been the last ten years. And it was underlined that Stavanger takes a great pride in hosting the world most prestigious band contest. A group from Stavanger Brass Band played a short piece to introduce the EBBC announcement.


Stavanger host 2023

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