Tuesday, 1 December 2015

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EBBA is pleased to announce the set test pieces for the 3rd European Youth Brass Band Contest in Lille 2016, on Sunday 1 May, following the European Brass Band Championships the same weekend. 

Development Section

The test piece for the Development Section is 'Music for Greenwich'  by Edward Gregson. The piece was commissioned in 1980 by the Greenwich Theatre, London, for a new production of Peter Buckman’s play ‘All Together Now’. The play is about a struggling brass band in the North of England brought to a new level of achievement by an incoming conductor.

A brief fanfare-like opening is followed by an allegro section, rhythmic and playful; a slow lyrical section is then introduced (a suitably nostalgic melody featuring solos for cornet and trombone), before a return to the fast music, a hint of the fanfare, and finally a climactic flourish to round things off.

Premier Section

The Music Commission of EBBA selected for the Premier Section 'Olympus' by Philip Harper.  'Olympus' depicts aspects of the Ancient Greek games, which are thought to have begun in 776 BC.

After the opening Fanfare the music leads without a break to the The Chariot Race. A slow, mystical passage follows, describing The Temple of Zeus at Olympia. The next section is called The Olympic Flame leading to the final section,  The Olympic Truce, which aims to capture the cooperative spirit of the ancient practice of ending wars for the duration of the games.

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