Tuesday, 9 October 2018


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The Management Contract for the European Brass Band Championships in Palanga for 2020 was signed today during a ceremony in the Government Palace the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

This concludes an evaluation and approval process started back in 2012, when the Lithuanian plans for the event have been presented at the EBBC in Rotterdam for the first time. 
The EBBC 2020 was in today's meeting introduced to the Lithuanian Prime Minister, Saulius Skvernelis. The signing ceremony was in the presence of the Minister of Culture, Liana Ruokyte Jonsson.

The Prime Minister expressed that it is an important goal for the country to see great international cultural events to be held in the country. The Minister of Culture expressed her strong support to the event in Palanga in 2020.

The contract was signed by Mayor of Palanga, Sarunas Vaitkus, EBBA President Ulf Rosenberg and General Secretary Kor Niehof. The organising team for the event in 2020 and other officials from Palanga were also present.

The signing ceremony is following the decision of the EBBA General Meeting held in Amsterdam September 9 to enter a contract with Palanga for EBBC 2020.
In the same meeting the Executive Committee was given a mandate to negotiate and conclude the Management Contracts with Malmö, Sweden, for EBBC in 2021, Innsbruck, Austria, for 2022 and Stavanger, Norway, in 2023.

The European Brass Band Championships in 2020 will also include the European Conductors Competition and the European Youth Brass Band Contest, lots of local events and of course the gathering of the European Youth Brass Band for the full festival week.

"I am very pleased by the strong support expressed from the Prime Minister, the Culture Minister and the Mayor of Palanga to the EBBC for 2020. It is on high time to hold the EBBC in an Easter European country, and the decision to go to Lithuania reflects the strong development of the country's brass band movement over the last decade. The EBBC at it best can have a function as a flagship for the local movement, and play an important inspirational part in the further development of brass bands in the country. We are now looking forward to the detailed planning of the Championships with the local organising team. Our first milestone meeting will happen in the beginning of next year, but before that we will keep in close contact to kick of all the relevant activities in the planning of the event" says Ulf Rosenberg, President of EBBA.


Ulf and Vaitkus

Mayor Sarunas Vaitkus from Palanga and EBBA's President Ulf Rosenberg

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